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What Bridge Teachers Might Do with BridgeComposer

What Bridge Players Might Do with BridgeComposer

What Bridge Club Managers/Game Directors Might Do with BridgeComposer

  • See the Links page for other bridge clubs using BridgeComposer
  • Generate random deal sets for games
  • Print hand records with double-dummy analysis, including par score and par contracts
  • Enter hand-dealt boards into BridgeComposer while they are idle during a game, then print hand records
  • Convert LIN, BRI, DUP, and DLM files to PBN files; convert PBN files to LIN, BRI, DUP, or DLM files
  • Post hand records to the web
  • Check scores to identify potential data entry errors
  • Merge ACBLscore results with hand records and/or wireless scoring device data and post on your club website (sample)
  • Prepare "hand of the week" web pages or emails
  • Use scripting for advanced functions (for example gen.js)

What Publishers Might Do with BridgeComposer

Paste into email: With desktop email (such as Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail), just use BridgeComposer Board→Copy and then Edit→Paste into your new email message. This places HTML code into the email. At one time, web-browser-based email like gmail and yahoo mail could not do this, but now it seems that they can.

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