Hand Evaluation

Board 15
South Deals
N-S Vul
♠ A 6 4
J 6 4
J 10 3
♣ Q 7 5 4
♠ 10 9
A 10 2
A 7 4
♣ A K 9 8 2
♠ K Q J 8 7 5 3
K Q 9 3
♣ 6
♠ 2
8 7 5
K 9 8 6 5 2
♣ J 10 3
1 NTPass4 ♣Pass
4 NTPass6 ♠All pass
6 ♠ by East
1. S 9A3Q
2. W♠ 104K2
3. E♠ Q 29A
Made 6 — EW +980

In BridgeComposer windows and web pages, when the mouse hovers over a hand, a tooltip pops up giving evaluation of the hand by the methods described below.

Note: JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser in order for BridgeComposer web page pop-ups to work.


High Card Points. A = 4, K = 3, Q = 2, J = 1. Used to evaluate hands for notrump bidding. The basis for many other methods.


Length Points
HCP plus one point for each card over four in every suit. Can be used to gauge opening bids, responses, and rebids. See Commonsense Bidding by William S. Root.


Shortage Points
HCP plus doubleton = 1, singleton = 2, void = 3. Older alternative to length points, can be used to gauge opening bids, responses, and rebids. See Five Weeks to Winning Bridge by Alfred Sheinwold.


Support Points
HCP plus doubleton = 1, singleton = 3, void = 5. Also known as dummy points, can be used when supporting partner's suit. See either reference above.


Zar Points
(Optional, as selected by the creator of the hand record document.) Zar high card points plus Zar distribution points. A statistically derived method for evaluating hands. See the Wikipedia article for details.


A = 2, K = 1. Used in some slam-bidding conventions.


Quick Tricks
AK = 2, AQ = 1½, KQ = 1, A = 1, guarded K = ½.


The losing trick count. Count only the top three cards in each suit. With three or more cards in a suit, A, K and Q are winners, lower cards are losers (maximum of 3). Note that Q98 or worse counts as 2½ losers. With two cards in a suit, A and K are winners, lower cards are losers (but AQ tight counts as no losers). With one card in a suit, A is a winner, any lower card is a loser. Void counts as no losers. Can be used to assess how high to bid. See The Modern Losing Trick Count by Ron Klinger.

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