CreateDealType is a BridgeComposer script that you may use to create random deals of various "types", such as Strong 1NT openers, splinter bids, and slam hands.

Adding New Deal Types

As distributed, the script provides only a few example deal types. The hope is that people will extend the existing code to implement new types of interest. (You may modify a script file by opening it in Windows Notepad, or a similar app.)

For example, following are two screenshots showing the changes made to add a new "Weak Two Opener" deal type.

winmerge screenshot (1/2)

winmerge screenshot (2/2)


Script Help

If you try to modify the script but run into problems, you may email your script to to get help.

However, note that for security reasons, most email providers do not permit emailing scripts! Therefore, to attach a script to an email, first change the file extension from .js (or .wsf) to .txt. After receiving a script email attachment, save it and then change the extension from .txt back to .js (or .wsf). See File Extensions for further information.

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