Help: Bridge Game Results Webpage

Click on a feature in the webpage image below for further information.

sample results web page

On some webpages, some of the features may not be shown, because either the information was not available or the feature option was not selected by the person creating the webpage.

The features of game results webpages are described following.


The optional Event title appears above each board diagram. Usually, it is the same for all boards.


The board diagram shows the card holdings of each player. The "card table" at the center shows the player compass positions (North, East, South, and West).


The labels at the top-left of each diagram give the board number, dealer, and vulnerability.

In hand-record page layout, the board number is displayed in the top-right corner of each diagram, in a larger font.

Pop-Up Hand Evaluation

When the mouse hovers over a hand, a "tooltip" window pops up, giving evaluation of the hand by several methods.

The sample image above shows the evaluation of the South hand.

To see the pop-up window, JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser.

High-Card Point Count

The matrix of four numbers in the lower-left corner of each diagram gives the 4-3-2-1 high-card point count (HCP) for each hand, arranged according to player compass position.

Double Dummy Makeable Contracts

Below each diagram, the double dummy makeable contracts may be listed.

See Makeable Contracts and Double Dummy Analysis for further information.

Normally, either the makeable contracts (including par score and contracts) or the double dummy grid will be displayed, but not both.

Par Score and Par Contracts

At the end of the makeable contracts, the double dummy par score and par contracts are shown.

Double Dummy Grid

Below each diagram, a double dummy "grid" may be displayed. The grid shows how many tricks each player will make when declaring in each of the five strains (four trump suits plus notrump), when all players can see all 52 cards and always play to their best advantage.

For example, the grid above shows that North and South can take 6 tricks declaring in notrump, 4 tricks in spades, 5 tricks in hearts, and so on; and that East and West can take 7 tricks declaring in notrump, 9 tricks in spades, 7 tricks in hearts, etc.

See Makeable Contracts and Double Dummy Analysis for further information.

Normally, either the makeable contracts (including par score and contracts) or the double dummy grid will be displayed, but not both.

Optimum Opening Leads

The double dummy optimum opening leads are listed below the makeable contracts or the double dummy grid. Each line shows an opening leader, declarer, strain of contract, and the corresponding optimum opening-lead cards.

Download Board number

Click this link on the webpage to download the board in PBN (portable bridge notation) format.

PBN files allow you to replay boards at home. You can load them into a bridge program such as:

When hand records are not available, the webpage shows only the Labels and the Score Table. In this case, the PBN file provided through the Download link does not contain any additional information; this sort of file does not contain enough information to permit the board to be replayed.

To download the PBN file from some websites, you may have to right-click the Download link and choose "Save As...".

To download all the boards into a single PBN file, locate the "Download All Boards" link near the bottom of the webpage.

Score Table

The score table is shown either below or to the right of the other information for each board. It has one row for each time the board was played. It may show the following columns:

ContractLevel and strain, plus × for doubled, ×× for redoubled
LeadOpening lead (if recorded)
MadeNumber of tricks taken over book, or number of tricks down
PairsPair numbers and player names

Beginning with BridgeComposer version 5.51, the score table is formatted as shown below. The "Contract" header now has three (unlabeled) sub-columns: Contract, Declarer, and Made; "Pairs" is now two "Pair" columns (North-South and East-West).

4 S5 81507.000.001-Carter-Parker1-Sanchez-Roberts
4 S4 A1305.501.506-Mitchell-Garcia10-Thompson-Roberts
3 S4 K1305.501.507-Martin-Hill12-Evans-Ramirez
4 W−2 81004.003.0012-Anderson-Turner11-Turner-Wright
4 W−1 8502.504.509-Williams-Wilson5-Mitchell-Carter
3 W−1 8502.504.5011-Perez-Roberts9-Moore-Davis
5 ×S−1 A1000.506.508-Johnson-Mitchell3-Martinez-Walker
5 ×S−1 A1000.506.5010-Parker-Murphy7-Robinson-Perez