Converting PBN Files to LIN Files

LIN is the file format for bridge deals that is used by Bridge Base Online (BBO).

As of version 5.81, BridgeComposer can create LIN files by linking to Richard Pavlicek's "Bridge File Converter" (BFC) program.

BridgeComposer, of course, may also be used to create new content in PBN format.

Alert! When you export as LIN, keep the PBN version also. The PBN version may include details that are not transferred to the LIN version.

For scripting, the BridgeComposer object automation method ExportAsBridgeBaseOnline is available.

For reference, here are some other utilities that also convert PBN to LIN:

* The starred utilities convert card holdings only. BFC and NetBridgeVu convert, in addition, commentary, auction, and play.


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