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BridgeComposer is a Windows application. There is no version built to run on Mac, Linux or any other OS.

However, following are three general techniques that can allow Windows applications to run on non-Windows computers.

FOR INFORMATION ONLY: Unless otherwise indicated, the author has not tested these techniques. They may or may not work for you. Please send feedback to so that others may benefit from your experience.

1. Dual Boot: Mac Boot Camp

Many computers can be set up for "dual boot". When you power-up or reboot the computer, you can select which operating system to boot. If you have installed Windows as a secondary OS and select it at boot time, then you can run BridgeComposer.

I understand that the Apple utility for dual-booting is known as "Boot Camp".

This solution likely requires the purchase of a Windows license.

2. Virtualization: Parallels Desktop for Mac

With "Parallels Desktop for Mac", you can reportedly run both Mac and Windows applications side-by-side without rebooting. This product apparently uses "hardware virtualization" to run both OS at the same time.

This solution likely requires the purchase of a Windows license, in addition to the Parallels software.

I have feedback from two Parallels users: the first very positive, the second with a glitch:

  1. [2013-10-28] I have installed Parallels on my two Mac computers, an iMac and a MacBook. On both machines I am running Windows 7 and find that any modern program designed for Windows runs satisfactorily on the computers. This includes several bridge programs such as Q-Bridge and the programs written by Bernard Magee.

    As you are aware, I am also running BridgeComposer and find that it is very smooth and that there are no problems running it on the Mac. The only issue I had was in the download because it was an exe file but you resolved this problem for me. I simply renamed the file by removing the .exe so that it became an msi file.

    Thank you for your impressive support and help.

  2. [2013-11-19] I enjoy using BridgeComposer to make handouts of practice hands to give to my students.

    I have an IMAC, and I run Parallels on it. BridgeComposer runs through Parallels. Every time I open BridgeComposer, it crashes Windows XP on my Parallels and gives me the Blue screen of death! Then it reboots it. Then when I open BridgeComposer the second time, it works. This has happened every single time.

    [Your BridgeComposer developer believes this is a bug in Windows XP, possibly this one: (1) We believe this bug has been circumvented in BridgeComposer version 5.59 (please report your experience). (2) Applying Windows Update will likely correct the problem (it does not occur on fully-updated Windows XP systems). (3) A workaround is to install the old 5.44 version of BridgeComposer, available on our Archive page.]

3. Compatibility Layer: Wine and CrossOver

"Wine" is a free and open-source application that aims to allow Windows apps to run on Unix-like OS (including Mac OS X and Linux).

Unofficial Wine binaries for Mac OS X are available at and Darwine.

Binary packages of Wine exist for the popular Linux distributions.

In addition, a fully-supported adaptation of Wine for Mac and Linux, known as "CrossOver", is available for purchase.

Your BridgeComposer developer has run BridgeComposer on Linux (Ubuntu) using Wine. A few changes were made to BridgeComposer to accommodate the Wine environment. As of the last testing, there were still a few unresolved issues (roughly in order of decreasing user impact):

(Last tested in January, 2017: BridgeComposer 5.62; Ubuntu 16.04; Wine 1.6.2.)

Wine and CrossOver do not require the purchase of a Windows license.

Wine/CrossOver feedback:

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