Problem: Multiple Versions Apparently Installed

In the Programs and Features Windows control panel (known as Add or Remove Programs on Windows XP), multiple instances of BridgeComposer sometimes appear.


Prior to version 5.30, during installation, BridgeComposer gave you the option to install for "Just Me" or "Everyone". (This option is a default feature of the Microsoft software used to create the BridgeComposer installation package.)

It turns out that if you selected this option one way when installing one version of BridgeComposer and then the other way when installing an updated version of BridgeComposer, both versions remained listed in the control panel. In fact, however, the updated version normally will have overwritten the program files of the earlier version.

To avoid this situation in the future, this install option has been removed as of version 5.30, and BridgeComposer will always install for "Everyone" (that is, all user accounts on the computer being installed on).

Unfortunately, in previous versions, the option selected by default was "Just Me", so after installing version 5.30, even people who always accept the default installation options may see multiple versions of BridgeComposer listed in the control panel.


Having multiple versions of BridgeComposer listed in the control panel should not cause any problems (unless you try to uninstall). So, you may simply ignore the situation if you like.

However, if you wish to correct the control panel listing, you may proceed as follows:

  1. Download and Save the latest BridgeComposer .msi file from the BridgeComposer website (go to and click "Download Now"). The version of this file should correspond to the newer version of BridgeComposer listed in the control panel.
  2. Start BridgeComposer. Select the Help→License menu command. Click the "Uninstall" button.
  3. During uninstall, you will be prompted about settings. Choose the default option: "KEEP all user settings and KEEP license key".
  4. You will receive a message: "Uninstall completion code 0: The operation completed successfully".  Click "OK". (The older of the two versions will have been removed from the control panel.)
  5. Double-click the .msi file downloaded in step 1, choose "Repair", and click "Finish".
  6. You will receive a message: "Installation Complete". Click "Close".

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