Unblock Downloads

Updated 2021-04-27 (Microsoft Edge version 90.0.818.46)

The Microsoft Edge browser may block a BridgeComposer download. This does not mean that the download is unsafe, it means only that Microsoft has not looked at it to see whether it is safe or not. BridgeComposer downloads are in fact safe.

Using a non-Edge browser such as Chrome or Brave is somewhat easier — you go immediately to step 7 below.

To bypass the Edge block, you may follow this procedure:

  1. Start Edge, go to bridgecomposer.com, click "Download Now" (32-bit or 64-bit as appropriate).
  2. Your recent download(s) will show at the upper right (most recent nearest the top). There is a message saying that the BridgeComposer .msi file was "blocked because it could harm your device".
  3. Hover the mouse over the "blocked" message, and it shows a trash can (Delete) button and a "..." button. Click "...".
  4. A popup menu appears showing Delete, Keep, and additional options. Click "Keep".
  5. A panel appears saying "This app might harm your device". Near the bottom, click "Show more".
  6. Some options appear. Click the "Keep anyway" option.
  7. The download is performed. After downloading, the BridgeComposer .msi file will appear with an "Open file" link. Click "Open file".
  8. A panel appears saying "Windows protected your PC". Click the "More info" link.
  9. A new button, "Run anyway", appears at the bottom of the panel. Click "Run anyway".
  10. The BridgeComposer installer starts up. Follow the installer prompts as usual.

If the above does not work for you, please let me know where it goes wrong and what happened (send email to support@bridgecomposer.com).

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