Enter Hands Keyboard Map dialog

This dialog allows you to customize the keystrokes used to enter cards into the Board Edit dialog Deal field, the Enter Hands dialog, and the Dictate Hands dialog.

Open this dialog by using the Board→Edit dialog and selecting the Keyboard Map command from the Deal menu button. You may also open it by clicking the Keyboard Map button in the Enter Hands and Dictate Hands dialogs.

The functions that may be customized are the following:

FunctionDefault keystroke
Suit separator. (period)
Next fieldTab
Previous FieldShift+Tab

Example 1: You could add keypad keystrokes to allow one-handed entry via the keypad (e.g. Pad / for Jack, Pad * for Queen, Pad - for King, Pad 1 for Ace, Pad 0 for Ten, Pad + for Next field, Shift+Pad + for Previous field; note that Pad decimal-point works for Suit separator by default).

Example 2: For entering card holdings from hand records printed in a language other than English, you could add appropriate honor card keystrokes (e.g. for Dutch, add H, V, and B to King, Queen, and Jack, respectively).

Please note that irrespective of the keystrokes you assign, the deal field will still be filled with the PBN standard characters (A, K, Q, J, and T for the honors and period for the suit separator).

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